RCA’s Commercial Radios Are Essential to These Industries

Three examples of RCA commercial radios include a school administrator, a security guard, and a construction worker.

Are you looking for commercial radios that can offer you better durability, reliability, and performance than the ones you currently carry? Whether you’re a new dealer who still calls them walkie-talkies, or a seasoned one who knows better, it never hurts to add a secondary two-way radio line. This gives you a wider range of options to meet customer demand, ensure a guaranteed supply, and save revenue with volume-based discounts and extended warranties.

While you already know your customers’ needs, you may not know how exceptional our two-way radios are at meeting them. Here are some of the industries where RCA excels, and some of the reasons why now is the best time to join our network.

Industries That Benefit Most From RCA Commercial Radios


K-12 schools, high schools, colleges, and universities all rely on powerful business two-way radios, whether to coordinate with bus drivers, check in with custodians, or help administrators direct students during assemblies and emergencies. RCA offers plenty of portables, mobiles, and base stations that can address each of these areas, as well as support any school safety plan.

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction workers on jobsites depend on timely communication for staying safe and on schedule. RCA’s two-way radios — equipped with robust features like extended battery life and crystal-clear audio — ensure excellent coverage during these kinds of large-scale projects.

Energy and Chemical Companies

The world depends on electrical grids and various types of fuel. Many of the jobs involved in these sectors are demanding and dangerous, while ultimately essential — which is why RCA has some of the best heavy-duty two-way radios on the market to support them. Not only are our radios built with military-grade durability, but many of them are also instrinsically safe and rated IP67 for dust- and waterproof protection.

Hospitality and Events

Hotels, restaurants, resorts, and event venues are often fast-paced environments that require discreet and efficient communication. RCA offers lightweight and user-friendly portables like the RDR1520 and RDR2500 to enhance customer service and event management, as well as powerful compact base stations for staff members to use when coordinating efforts from desks or shared workspaces.

Manufacturing and Warehousing

Noisy and expansive plant floors, loading docks, and storage facilities benefit from radios by keeping their workers connected and safe. RCA commercial radios come with noise-canceling technology and durable chassis for clear communication and protection against on-the-job hazards.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities need communication that is reliable — especially for emergency response. Radios fit the bill because they can easily transmit through steel and concrete walls, as well as across multiple floors. Plus, if the power ever goes out, or cell towers become overwhelmed, RCA portable radios still muscle through on 14 hours of charge.

Security and Public Safety

Security personnel and law enforcement agencies need the ability to respond to one another in real time for the safety of the public. RCA’s radios offer encrypted channels and emergency features to empower teams during any kind of event.

Promoting RCA’s Two-Way Radios

Now that we’ve established the industries that benefit the most from RCA commercial radios, let’s explore the specific features that customers find the most appealing.

Durability and Reliability

RCA’s commitment to quality ensures that their two-way radios are built to withstand the rigors of diverse working environments and provide long-lasting performance. Models include intrinsically safe options from the RDR42x0 series.

Advanced Features

Many of our radios come equipped with advanced features, including noise cancellation, long battery life, emergency alerts like Man Down and Lone Worker, GPS, texting, and Caller ID that cater to the unique needs of each industry.

Click here to learn about the best emergency features your radios should offer.

User-Friendly Design

Intuitive controls and ergonomic handling make RCA commercial radios easy to use — even when wearing gloves! This makes them an out-of-the-box solution that can be up and running for users in very little time.


Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, RCA’s range of two-way radios offers scalable solutions to meet the growing communication needs of any organization. This includes support for large, sophisticated radio networks with models from the RDR7x50 series of portables, as well as the RDR5550 mobile.


Many of our portable radios offer power outputs of 5 watts, but you may be surprised to learn that our compact base station can do the same. While practically the size of an office phone, the RDR2750 can get the same coverage as a handheld and mount anywhere there’s an AC outlet (no batteries required).

Low Prices, Volume Discounts, and Extended Warranties

RCA radios consistently cost less than comparable models from competing lines, and come with hassle-free warranties of two to three years depending on the model. If that wasn’t incentive enough, they’re also eligible for greater discounts on bulk orders, as well as options for extended warranties.

We Hope You’ll Join Our Network

If the economy has taught us anything, it’s that you need to make sure you prepare for manufacturing slowdowns and supply chain bottlenecks. RCA is a dependable supplier that consistently has product when other lines see delays. We offer world-class quality that competes with models from those lines, and we make sure that our best-selling commercial radios — including the RDR2500 — are always in stock.

As great as our radios are, our support is even better.

We’re proud to help our wide, growing network of dealers who made record sales in 2023. Whether it’s discussing specs and the latest products, or sharing the changes you’d like to see in the radios that we offer, our representatives are here to engage with you and your team to help them grow their sales margins even more.

Become the Dealer of Choice With RCA Commercial Radios

Countless businesses rely on RCA two-way radios to keep their operations running. As an official RCA reseller, you’ll have access to a full inventory of reliable and feature-rich radios that will exceed your customers’ expectations and ensure seamless communication.

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