Overcoming Customer Hesitation: Why RCA Two-Way Radio Equipment Is the Superior Choice

A composite image shows an RCA call center rep discussing a two-way radio equipment purchase with a dealer, next to a lineup of RCA two-way radios that includes handhelds, mobiles, a compact base station, and a repeater.

Despite the undeniable benefits of two-way radios, you may find that many potential customers still decline to purchase them. Below, we explore the common reasons why this happens, and how RCA has two-way radio equipment that can overcome these objections.

1. Cost Concerns

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when customers decline the radios you offer on the basis of cost. To them, investing in two-way radio equipment may seem daunting, as they try to find options that meet their budget, but also don’t make them worry that they’re getting less quality and reliability as a result.

With RCA, affordability does not mean compromising. We offer a diverse range of two-way radios — from portables and base stations to mobiles and repeaters — that cater to various budgets, cost less than other lines, and still offer world-class quality.

This means that users are more likely to choose RCA because they can access reliable communication without breaking the bank.

2. Difficulty Using Two-Way Radio Equipment

Some two-way radios aren’t as intuitive or user friendly as others, which can make the entire industry seem a bit intimidating to some customers. In many situations, these customers may shy away from high-end models that look like they have far too many features than they would ever use.

RCA prioritizes simplicity in its radio designs, making them accessible to users of all skill levels.

Whether it’s programming channels, adjusting settings, or activating emergency alerts, RCA radios streamline the entire user process so that our products are able to work without the need for extensive training or technical expertise.

3. Frequency of Use

You may encounter potential customers who question how often they’ll actually need to use two-way radios when other forms of communication may seem more appealing. The key here is to distinguish how reliable radios are when compared to those other options.

For instance, when cell towers go down or the power goes out, battery-powered radios will still work perfectly fine and connect to the appropriate frequencies. This makes them indispensable in emergency situations where every second counts.

Plus, portable units like those from RCA offer important emergency alerts like Man Down and Lone Worker that can be preprogrammed to verify when a team member is injured or incapacitated.

4. Coverage Limitations

Concerns about the coverage of two-way radio equipment can deter potential buyers who operate over a wide area or challenging terrain.

RCA’s advanced radio technology ensures that units have the optimal power output for crystal-clear audio, while state-of-the-art radio repeaters can eliminate dead zones and ensure maximum coverage.

All of our models are designed to overcome obstructions and interference from buildings, as well as common environmental factors.

5. Maintenance and Support

The prospect of ongoing maintenance and technical support may discourage some individuals from investing in two-way radios.

With RCA, customers benefit from comprehensive support to get the most out of their radios with little to no downtime. From initial setup and configuration to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting, our dedicated team is available to assist you and your customers every step of the way.

6. Compatibility Concerns

Many users have the misconception that two-way radios only work with radios of the same line.

That’s not the case with RCA. Ours are designed to connect with those from other major brands, as long as they’re on the same frequencies. This gives your customers the flexibility to purchase radios as they need them, rather than having to replace an entire fleet at once.

Note: Many RCA radios offer mixed mode for users that still rely on an analog network but are considering an upgrade to digital. Similar to the benefits of our sync capabilities above, our mixed mode models are able to help customers make this transition at their own speed and budget.

Let RCA Help You Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

By addressing these concerns and hesitations about two-way radio equipment, RCA emerges as the superior choice for individuals and organizations seeking reliable communication. Our affordability, intuitive designs, reliability, coverage, support, and compatibility are all reasons that distinguish us as a radio supplier of choice.

Empower your customers with the radios they need to enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety in any environment. Call us today at (855) 657-0090 to learn about becoming an official RCA reseller.