5 Ways Radio Dealers Benefit From Adding a Secondary Line

A full lineup of RCA radio models include ten portables, two mobiles, one repeater, and one compact base station. Text reads,

Things may not be as dire as they were back in 2020, but there’s always the chance that the two-way radios you need won’t be available if the supply chain gets tight again. Having enough product to meet or exceed your sales goals requires diversifying the radio lines that you carry. Not only can this avoid the problems you might encounter with a manufacturing slowdown or a shipping delay, it also gives you different options that can appeal to a wider range of customers. Here are five benefits to adding RCA as a secondary line.

Benefit #1: Steady Product Availability

Back when semiconductors were in short supply, RCA still had radios to sell. Why? We planned ahead and anticipated that the supply chain would become stressed with shifts in the economy. While other lines have been recovering from that disruption, we’ve been here with available inventory for those radio dealers who have needed it.

Most of our models are consistently in stock and can ship the same day that they’re ordered. This means that you don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of inventory on hand, as we’ll have it ready for you when your sales require it.

All of our products are comparable to those from competing lines, whether you’re talking portables, land mobile radios, base stations, or repeaters.

Benefit #2: Powerful Radio Options

RCA doesn’t just compete with other radio lines. It offers products that exceed them. Take the RDR2750, our ultra compact base station. It’s smaller than some office phones, yet it packs five watts of power, gets the same coverage as a portable, and offers crystal-clear audio. No other base station comes close to that kind of quality.

The same goes for the 42×0 and 7×50 series of heavy-duty portables. Both meet military-grade specs and are designed for the most demanding work environments. The former does well on standard radio networks, while the latter is designed for trunked systems.

It would also be impossible to talk about portables and not highlight RCA’s best-selling RDR25x0 series. This includes the RDR2500, RDR2550, and RDR2580, which are exceptional mid-level options appreciated by workers in all types of industries. If we had to choose a radio series we couldn’t do without, this would be the one.

When it comes to repeaters, the RDR9000 provides exceptional coverage and cross-band communication, all while requiring a third of the rack space needed by comparable models.

Finally, it’s worth noting that unlike some radio lines, we don’t plan on discontinuing models that we see consistently perform well. It’s why we’ve said on more than one occasion that RCA is the new Vertex.

Benefit #3: Better Pricing for Radio Dealers

RCA is proud to offer prices that are substantially lower than our competitors, including options for volume-based pricing and extended warranties. Even though the costs are cheaper, the quality isn’t. We want you to have the radios you need without breaking the bank — and your customers will appreciate that, too!

This is how we were able to help several radio dealers who were struggling to fulfill their back orders by getting them models that easily complemented what they were missing.

Benefit #4: Multiple Lines To Improve Your Sales

Even though we tout the benefits of RCA, we recognize the value for radio dealers who carry multiple lines. Having a diverse inventory allows customers the freedom to test and compare plenty of options in order to see which ones are the right fit.

Having more than one line isn’t simply a backup for those times when your primary line is delayed. It’s to give your customers peace of mind, and that means they’ll come to you first when they have a need.

Benefit #5: RCA’s Authorized Reseller Demo Program

Our program lets the quality of RCA speak for itself, and at a discount. You can use it by choosing one or two radios of the same model and we’ll take 25 percent off, plus give you a free programming cable and free software. All models are eligible in our demo program.

If you’re interested, give us a call to speak to one of our dealer representatives about the details.

Would You Consider Having Us as Your Secondary Line?

When you’re ready, we’ll walk you through the signup process to become an official reseller. You’ll have immediate access to our radio services and available inventory; the latter of which you can order through us by phone or email, as well as with an account in our dealer portal.

We know that some lines are protective of their brand, and would prefer that you don’t offer a secondary line. But we’ve seen how this can be detrimental to the dealer, and to the dealer’s customers who are having to wait for radios that may take too long to get there.

We’re not here to replace the other lines you currently carry. Instead, we’re here to complement what you already do well — and give you more options to make even more sales!

Call us at (855) 657-0090 to apply.