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Lights, Camera, and Push-To-Talk: Why RCA Has the Best Two-Way Radios for Film Sets

What’s the best film that you’ve seen recently? Do you think about what kinds of communication equipment were used to keep all of those actors, extras, and production crew organized and in place at the right time to shoot? You may even have customers from film studios already. We’re here to tell you that if […]

Why Hospitals Need Two-Way Radios, and How You Can Help Them

Healthcare workers are five times more likely than any other professional to experience workplace violence, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s why many providers and health systems are looking for ways to improve how their team members respond to these threats, and the best equipment they can use to do so. For […]

Do You Absolutely Need Wireless Two-Way Radios for Your Customers?

Depending on your customer base, you may be wondering whether you really need wireless two-way radios in stock. This usually depends on a couple of factors: 1) how much your customers currently know about this feature, and 2) how well you can demonstrate its benefits to those who don’t. We highlight several of those benefits […]

The Only Industrial Two-Way Radio Product Line You’ll Ever Need

You’ve already heard us rave about specific RCA models like the RDR2500 mid-tier handheld, or the powerful 5-watt RDR2750 compact base station. But there are plenty of other models (and features) that you need that you may not realize the RCA family carries. Here are some that we’ve been asked about from prospective dealers. Question: […]

RCA Still Offers Discounts and Same-Day Orders In Spite of Supply Chain

We’re all feeling the frustration of an uncertain supply chain. According to Industry Week, indications are that the semiconductor shortage is likely to last through 2023 — possibly even longer. This has caused many two-way radio lines to experience extended backorders, and to subsequently raise their prices, with one important exception: RCA. In fact, as […]

Why Is RCA the Construction Industry’s Preferred Radio Line?

When construction workers need heavy-duty two-way radios, they choose RCA. Why? They’ve learned how its industrial models offer the best coverage, quality, durability, and performance on the market today. If you’re an official RCA reseller, you’ve already seen this proof firsthand. If you aren’t one, here’s why you should consider signing up so that you […]

Why Water Treatment Facilities Prefer RCA 2-Way Radios

If there’s one line of business you definitely want to thank when the weather heats up, it’s water treatment. As a two-way radio dealer, you’re able to offer these organizations peace of mind with the most effective communications equipment. There’s no question that when workers have the best radios on the market, they perform better […]

The Best Safety Features — and 2-Way Radios — to Show Your Customers

“Two-way radios” and “safety features” are practically synonymous. When customers come to you for new units, they’re looking for the best emergency options available. This is especially true if they work alone, in remote areas, or in hazardous environments. For their peace of mind, here are the safety features we think are the most important […]

Schools Can Use ESSER Funds Toward Radio Upgrades

Are you aware that school districts can use funds from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) program to upgrade their two-way radio networks? Any radio dealers that market to schools would find it worthwhile to learn whether those in their areas are also aware of these funds, and whether they’ve already applied them. […]