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What Your Customers Need To Know About Two-Way Radio Care

Not everyone knows how to use a two-way radio, and that’s okay: it gives you the opportunity to guide them and solidify your position as their communications expert. If we had to summarize the key points we think you should include in those discussions on two-way radio care, it would be these. Maintain Proper Distance […]

RCA’s Commercial Radios Are Essential to These Industries

Are you looking for commercial radios that can offer you better durability, reliability, and performance than the ones you currently carry? Whether you’re a new dealer who still calls them walkie-talkies, or a seasoned one who knows better, it never hurts to add a secondary two-way radio line. This gives you a wider range of […]

Maximize Your Network Coverage With These Two-Way Radio Repeaters

As communication networks grow in complexity, two-way radio repeaters are essential for upgrading and expanding their coverage. Let’s review why, and how RCA’s RDR9000 is the perfect solution. Understanding Two-Way Radio Repeaters At its core, a two-way radio repeater acts as an intermediary device, receiving signals on one frequency and simultaneously retransmitting them on another. […]

4 Dealer Pro Tips for Two-Way Radio Safety

Two-way radios are designed with two primary functions in mind: improving productivity, and keeping workers safe. But considering how safety requirements can vary based on the types of jobs that people perform, this begs the question: do your customers know which radios are the best ones for their safety? Here are two-way radio safety tips […]

5 Ways Radio Dealers Benefit From Adding a Secondary Line

Things may not be as dire as they were back in 2020, but there’s always the chance that the two-way radios you need won’t be available if the supply chain gets tight again. Having enough product to meet or exceed your sales goals requires diversifying the radio lines that you carry. Not only can this […]

RCA 2-Way Radio Spotlight: The RDR7x50 Series

This week we’re focusing on one of the best heavy-duty two-way radios that RCA offers: the RDR7x50 series. Models include the standard RDR7350, as well as the upgraded RDR7550 with full-color, digital display and keypad. Learn more about their features and why you should consider promoting them with your customers. Multi-Mode Functionality The RDR7x50 series […]

RCA’s Top-Rated Radios for Schools

Educational institutions recognize the value of industrial two-way radios. Where walkie-talkies and cell phones can fail, industrial radios are the best means of maintaining real-time communication between administrators, janitorial staff, dispatch services, bus drivers, parking attendants, security guards, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the best RCA radios for schools, along with the accessories that […]

More Than Radios: 3 Parts to an Effective “Two-Way Radio System”

A good radio dealer fulfills customer orders based on what they ask for. A great radio dealer anticipates the unspoken needs of those customers, and offers them each a comprehensive two-way radio system that will address them. Regardless of how that system is customized, there are three parts we recommend that you include. Read on […]

RCA Is the New Vertex

It’s come to our attention that some radio lines have chosen to discontinue certain models in an effort to consolidate. While we understand that restructuring is sometimes necessary, especially with recent changes in the economy, we’re surprised that the models chosen included ones that have been popular among radio users. We’re referring to several Vertex […]