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RCA Is the New Vertex

It’s come to our attention that some radio lines have chosen to discontinue certain models in an effort to consolidate. While we understand that restructuring is sometimes necessary, especially with recent changes in the economy, we’re surprised that the models chosen included ones that have been popular among radio users. We’re referring to several Vertex […]

4 Reasons Why You Need a New Two-Way Radio Supplier

If you’re reading this, we imagine you’re already in the process of looking for a new two-way radio supplier, or you’re at least seriously considering it. We get it. The COVID-19 pandemic did a number on the economy, not only in terms of reduced sales and budgets, but also the subsequent chip shortage and supply […]

The Best Advice You Can Give Your Customers About Two-Way Radio Batteries

The best dealers in this industry make it a point to educate their end users on how to maintain the longevity and performance of their two-way radio batteries. Why? It shows customers that dealers understand the importance of establishing long-term business by being upfront, honest, and helpful. Where some may bank on letting aged batteries […]

Become Their Dealer of Choice: The Best RCA Two-Way Radios for the Hospitality Industry

Restaurant and hospitality workers know how important customer service and guest satisfaction are to the longevity of their businesses. That’s why they rely on two-way radios (not commercial walkie-talkies) to ensure that their daily operations are effortless. If you aren’t the dealer of choice for these types of companies, now is the time to talk […]

RCA Dealers Should Take Advantage of the Best IP67 2-Way Radios

Radio dealers know that the units they carry must offer industrial-grade designs due to all of the wear and tear they’ll experience. This is especially true for handheld models that are consistently exposed to drops and falls. While most lines offer this kind of protection, there are industries that require even more. That’s where IP67 […]

3 Reasons To Get Your Portable Two-Way Radios From RCA

If your customers are tired of waiting on backorders of portable two-way radios, we have great news: RCA has plenty of these models in stock! Current RCA resellers need only give us a call or log into our dealer portal to place an order. For those who aren’t, here are three reasons why we think […]

This Mobile and Base Station Two-Way Radio Combo Is the Solution Your Customers Need

If you ask your customers which industrial two-way radios they think are the most versatile, we suspect they’ll start naming off plenty of handheld units. However, they might be surprised to learn just how convenient and scalable other types of radios are, especially when it comes to mobiles and base stations. RCA has two in […]

Is the Two-Way Radio Shortage Over?

  Since the production of semiconductors was severely cut during initial lockdowns from COVID-19, manufacturers have spent the last couple of years trying to overcome a global chip component shortage. Compounding these efforts earlier this year were a factory fire in Germany, and a similar incident at Renesas fabrication facilities. The auto industry often makes […]

Lights, Camera, and Push-To-Talk: Why RCA Has the Best Two-Way Radios for Film Sets

What’s the best film that you’ve seen recently? Do you think about what kinds of communication equipment were used to keep all of those actors, extras, and production crew organized and in place at the right time to shoot? You may even have customers from film studios already. We’re here to tell you that if […]

Why Hospitals Need Two-Way Radios, and How You Can Help Them

Healthcare workers are five times more likely than any other professional to experience workplace violence, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s why many providers and health systems are looking for ways to improve how their team members respond to these threats, and the best equipment they can use to do so. For […]