Why Hospitals Need Two-Way Radios, and How You Can Help Them

A nurse wearing a facemask and scrubs has an RCA two-way radio clipped to her pocket. A tagline reads,

Healthcare workers are five times more likely than any other professional to experience workplace violence, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s why many providers and health systems are looking for ways to improve how their team members respond to these threats, and the best equipment they can use to do so. For real-time communication they can depend on, hospitals need two-way radios. Here’s how you can help them, and become their dealer of choice.

Causes and Results of Healthcare Violence

Healthcare workers were already experiencing an uptick in physical violence even before COVID-19. The pandemic has simply exacerbated it. AAMC notes how the reasons often vary from “patients’ anger and confusion about their medical conditions and care; grief over the decline of hospitalized loved ones; frustration while trying to get attention amid staffing shortages, especially in nursing; delirium and dementia,” among several others.

As a result, hospitals employ a combination of services to keep providers and patients safe. They flag patients and visitors who have demonstrated aggressive tendencies in the past. They’ve updated restrictions on where non-medical personnel are allowed to go. They’ve installed more security cameras and panic alarms. And they’ve hired teams that are trained on de-escalation tactics.

RCA Two-Way Radios Improve Response to Emergencies

While we agree that security cameras and panic buttons certainly have their place, we’ve also seen how hospitals need two-way radios to improve response times for these types of emergencies. Here’s why RCA digital two-way radios are ideal for any hospital system looking to update its communications network.

High Performance. Reliable functionality, ergonomic push-to-talk (PTT) buttons, and crystal-clear audio guarantee that any medical personnel are able to be heard regardless of what’s going on around them.

Durability. Accidents happen when it comes to handling two-way radios. Bumps, scrapes, and drops are part of the landscape. That’s why RCA invests in world-class quality when it comes to the strength of each radio’s chassis — from its popular handheld units, to compact base stations, to mobiles.

Coverage. RCA offers the best coverage on the market. Your healthcare customers will appreciate how easily they can communicate across multiple floors of a single building without any disruption in service.

Battery Life. Long-lasting batteries are paramount to the success of two-way radios. RCA doesn’t skimp when it comes to battery materials, so users easily receive 12+ hours of service on a single charge. Upgrades are also available to extend that battery life even further.

Emergency Alerts, GPS, and Texting. RCA radios include important emergency alert features that allow workers to notify each other as soon as an incident occurs. GPS provides visibility to know where medical teams are at all times. Units also allow texting across hospital networks as needed.

Recommended RCA Models for Hospitals

If hospitals need two-way radios, then you need to show them what RCA has to offer. Specifically, we’re talking about:

The RDR2500. This is the most popular two-way radio from the RCA family, due to its reliable coverage and performance, as well as budget-friendly price point. This radio may be mid-tier in name, but world-class in application. You can learn more about it here.

The RDR2750. This five-watt, compact base station has continued to be a hit with RCA customers over the past year. No other base station its size offers the same power and performance. Customer installation requires one step: plug in the power cord. It’s mountable to desks or walls. And it offers the same coverage as handheld units. Check out more reasons to add it to your inventory.

Add RCA to Your Radio Line

Are you ready to add RCA as a secondary radio line? Signing up as an official reseller is simple, and gives you immediate access to available inventory — whether over the phone, or through our convenient dealer portal. Hospitals need two-way radios, and you’re the right dealer to help them out. Give us a call today at 855-657-0090 to place your next order.