The Best Safety Features — and 2-Way Radios — To Show Your Customers

Double-exposed image of a worker in a hardhat and a power plant. The worker is using an RCA two-way radio for safety.

“Two-way radios” and “safety features” are practically synonymous. When customers come to you for new units, they’re looking for the best emergency options available. This is especially true if they work alone, in remote areas, or in hazardous environments. For their peace of mind, here are the safety features we think are the most important to promote.

Man Down

A radio preprogrammed with Man Down will alert your team members when it detects the possibility that its user has fallen. It does this by sensing a lack of movement, or that it is suddenly horizontal. Before notifying your team, the radio gives its user a brief period of time to acknowledge whether they’re actually okay. It does this by emitting a chirping sound to notify the worker that Man Down is active. That worker then has a minute to respond before the actual emergency signal goes out.

Customers appreciate this feature because of its expediency, and users can rest assured that others will know if they’ve been involved in an accident.

Lone Worker

Lone Worker is similar to Man Down, but with a timer that’s already active. As long as a user continues to interact with their radio every ten minutes or less, nothing happens. But if they exceed those ten minutes of inactivity, a pre-warning signal sounds. Then, if the user still doesn’t reset the radio’s timer after two additional minutes, the unit transmits an alert.

This feature is critical in dangerous working conditions (including inclement weather), and provides an effective reminder for all team members to check in.

Emergency Alert

Even though it may seem like an obvious feature to mention, a general-emergency alert is arguably one of the most important safety features of any two-way radio. That’s why RCA makes this button easy to locate by painting it orange and putting it on the top of any handheld unit. It’s also easy to activate with a single push — even if the user has bulky gloves.

Customers appreciate them because they’re a versatile means of getting attention, regardless of the type of threat to report: a fire or unsafe working condition, unauthorized personnel who are in a restricted area, acts of nature, or other concerns.

Remind Users These Are Preprogrammed

Many customers may assume that if you’re already talking about these features, they must come available by default. It’s important to remind them that any two-way radio alert features need preprogramming prior to shipping, which is a fairly straightforward process — either for recently purchased units or those sent back in to activate.

RCA Offers the Best Radios and Safety Features

As we mentioned above, these safety features may seem obvious to dealers who are familiar with a diverse inventory of two-way radios. But it’s also worth noting that these features are only as effective as the radios that house them. That’s why we’re so proud of the RCA two-way radio family. These models come with superior sound, durability, and military-grade construction that make them more than a match for any other brand on the market today. They offer long-lasting battery life as a standard feature, while some boast the latest ultra-high-capability upgrade for even longer use. When dropped from the second floor of a building, submerged in water, or run over by a car, they continue to work like new.

If they can survive the worst, so can your end users — and that’s the best selling point you could ever have.

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