RCA Is the New Vertex

An RCA RDR4280 portable two-way radio stands in front of a dimmed image of the discontinued EVX-530 from Vertex. A tagline reads,

It’s come to our attention that some radio lines have chosen to discontinue certain models in an effort to consolidate. While we understand that restructuring is sometimes necessary, especially with recent changes in the economy, we’re surprised that the models chosen included ones that have been popular among radio users. We’re referring to several Vertex series in particular. If their loss was a surprise to you and has hurt your sales, we’ve got good news: RCA has the units you need to fill that gap. Here’s what we can offer you, and why you can think of RCA as the new Vertex.

The End of the EVX-530

The EVX-530 series of digital portables from Vertex was highly popular for a few reasons, not the least of which was its intrinsically safe design. Now that it’s discontinued, you can look to RCA’s RDR4200 series as the best comparable model.

Beyond the fact that they’re rated IP67, RDR4200s offer excellent three-year warranties, wide coverage, and exceptional audio thanks to RCA’s X-Sound+. Upgraded models like the RDR4250s and 4280s offer digital screens and greater functionality. Their lightweight chassis make them easier to handle and carry, even with bulky gloves. They can also be coupled with wired or wireless earpieces and speaker mics to make them practically hands-free.

As for safety, the RDR4200s can be programmed with a variety of alerts, from Lone Worker and Man Down to a general emergency alarm. Units offer GPS for location tracking, along with 40-bit ARC4 encryption. Most importantly, all models in the 4200 series are the toughest two-way radios that RCA offers, making them perfect for workers who operate in hazardous conditions in industries like coal, grain, oil, and chemical manufacturing.

While we could talk about how the RDR4220, -50, and -80 models can easily meet the same quality and performance as Vertex, you might be surprised to learn how they’re also less expensive. It’s true — not only could you get a secondary line of world-class quality, but you’d even pay less than you would for Vertex prices!

RCA Performance

Functionality is great, as long as batteries can keep up. This is also where RCA demonstrates superior quality: digital options in this radio series offer 40 percent improvement in battery performance when compared to analog, with a typical duty cycle of 5 (Rx) – 5 (Tx) – 90 (stand by). In other words, your users will automatically have fourteen (14) hours in digital mode.

Your customers will also experience the best coverage available, ensuring crystal-clear audio and avoiding dead zones.


You may hesitate to adopt RCA as a replacement for Vertex because you’re wondering how your customers will initially respond. We’ve seen how often end users think that two-way radios only work with models of the same line.

When it comes to RCA, the solution to this misunderstanding is RadioSync. You can demonstrate to your customers that as long as the radios they currently use are on the same frequencies as the RCA models you’re offering, they’ll be able to work together effortlessly.

That should allow for a smoother Vertex transition that works with your customers’ budgets, rather than making them worry they’ll have to swap out all of their radios at once.

RCA Units Are in Stock and Ready To Ship

RCA has been fortunate to avoid many of the supply chain delays and manufacturing slowdowns over the past few years, and the same holds true today. When it comes to the RDR4200 series, we have plenty of inventory that is in stock and available to ship, often the same day it’s ordered.

If you’ve been experiencing long backorders and are in desperate need of product, this is another reason to think about becoming an RCA reseller and getting your customers the radios that they need.

We make the reseller signup process simple and straightforward. While we recognize we may not be your primary radio line, we think you’ll be more than impressed by the kind of world-class quality that we can bring to the table — whether it’s our intrinsically safe radios or other models in the RCA family. (We’d encourage you to take a look at additional portables that we offer, as well as our compact base stations, mobiles, and repeaters.)

See firsthand why RCA is the new Vertex! When you’re ready to talk more about the dealer signup process, or you’d like to place an order, please give us a call at (855) 657-0090 to speak immediately with a customer service representative.