RCA 2-Way Radio Spotlight: The RDR7x50 Series

Both an RDR7350 and an RDR7550 handheld 2-way radio are displayed next to two warehouse workers handling a package.

This week we’re focusing on one of the best heavy-duty two-way radios that RCA offers: the RDR7x50 series. Models include the standard RDR7350, as well as the upgraded RDR7550 with full-color, digital display and keypad. Learn more about their features and why you should consider promoting them with your customers.

Multi-Mode Functionality

The RDR7x50 series offers users the convenience of multi-mode functionality, allowing for both conventional analog and DMR Tier II. While most 2-way radio users have migrated to digital already, you may still know some who haven’t yet made the switch — or who may have a little overlap within their radio fleet. Multi-mode makes it easy for them to access both bandwidth ranges, as well as transition their fleet from analog to digital incrementally and within their own budgets.

Radio Sales Pro Tip: It’s always a good idea to share with your customers why digital is preferable to analog. It saves on battery life and allows for cleaner sound quality that doesn’t deteriorate due to background noise.

Trunked 2-Way Radio Network

Along with multi-mode functionality, the RDR7x50 series is preferred by companies that want to utilize a trunked 2-way radio network.

If you aren’t already familiar with this service, it’s where a radio network is given a pool of channels for its users rather than a single one. Users are assigned to groups, and those groups are dynamically assigned to channels. When a user turns their radio on, they’re notified which channel they should switch their radios to so that they’re connected with their group.

Think of trunked radio as a layer of privacy, where not all groups are exposed to each other’s conversations, as well as efficiency, where users aren’t distracted by transmissions that aren’t relevant to them.

Note: A trunked radio network can still allow for a company-wide channel as needed. This channel can be static rather than dynamic.


As a heavy-duty 2-way radio series, both the RDR7350 and 7550 offer rugged designs that can stand some of the most demanding on-the-job conditions. Their lightweight, industrial-strength alloy chassis conform to military standards 810C, D, E, F, and G. They’re also rated IP67 for dust- and waterproof protection.

Long-Lasting Performance

Every RCA 2-way radio offers exceptional performance and long battery life. The RDR7x50 series is no exception. Even in analog mode, the standard RDR7350 can provide up to 10 hours of uninterrupted communication. Switching to digital saves roughly 40 percent battery life and extends that service up to 14 consecutive hours — practically two shifts’ worth of use before needing a recharge!

If you have customers who need their radios to last even longer than that on a single charge, there are enhanced lithium-ion battery options available.

Note: Looking for battery tips you can share with your customers? Check out our list!


The RDR7x50 series can work effortlessly with other RCA models, and can sync with those from other major lines.

Radio Sales Pro Tip: Make sure to show your customers how radios from different lines can communicate with one another. Sure, you’d prefer that they buy only models from the lines you carry. But showing them how they can get world-class quality from you that still works with the radios they already have can encourage them to give you a try without having to break the bank — and then come back to purchase more from you later.

Safety Alerts

The RDR7x50 series comes with the ability to preprogram the best 2-way radio safety features available. Those include Man Down, Lone Worker, and a general emergency alert. GPS tracking is also an optional feature that your customers may prefer for workplace accountability.

Radios From the RDR7x50 Series Are Available

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