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RCA Is the New Vertex

It’s come to our attention that some radio lines have chosen to discontinue certain models in an effort to consolidate. While we understand that restructuring is sometimes necessary, especially with recent changes in the economy, we’re surprised that the models chosen included ones that have been popular among radio users. We’re referring to several Vertex […]

The Only Industrial Two-Way Radio Product Line You’ll Ever Need

You’ve already heard us rave about specific RCA models like the RDR2500 mid-tier handheld, or the powerful 5-watt RDR2750 compact base station. But there are plenty of other models (and features) that you need that you may not realize the RCA family carries. Here are some that we’ve been asked about from prospective dealers. Question: […]

Why Water Treatment Facilities Prefer RCA 2-Way Radios

If there’s one line of business you definitely want to thank when the weather heats up, it’s water treatment. As a two-way radio dealer, you’re able to offer these organizations peace of mind with the most effective communications equipment. There’s no question that when workers have the best radios on the market, they perform better […]

High-Rise Construction Company Turns to RCA for 2-Way Radios

For more than one hundred years, RCA communications products have been the most reliable electronic devices in the world. So, it wasn’t a major surprise when New York City-based high-rise construction management firm contacted RCA Communications Systems to upgrade their existing two-way radio system to something that could handle big time construction in the Big […]

RCA Two-Way Radios Tapped for Massive University Expansion Project

RCA two-way radios were chosen to be apart of the University of the California at Merced (UCM) huge expansion project that will add 1.2 million square feet of space, nearly doubling the overall campus size and drastically adding space for teaching, housing and research. The $1.3 million expansion started four years ago and is expected […]

Allcan Distributor — new exclusive Canadian distributor for RCA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 2017 Discount Two-Way Radio Appoints Allcan Distributor as a new exclusive Canadian distributor for RCA DMR Radios and Equipment.   Los Angeles, CA – Discount Two-Way Radio (DTWR) the North American master distributor for RCA radio products has appointed Allcan Distributors of Alberta, Canada as a new exclusive Canadian distributor. This […]