RCA’s Top-Rated Radios for Schools

RCA radios for schools include the RDR2500 and RDR1520 handheld, displayed next to two administrators talking in a hallway.

Educational institutions recognize the value of industrial two-way radios. Where walkie-talkies and cell phones can fail, industrial radios are the best means of maintaining real-time communication between administrators, janitorial staff, dispatch services, bus drivers, parking attendants, security guards, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the best RCA radios for schools, along with the accessories that are essential for their use.

Entry-Level Recommendation:
The RDR1520

We’ve seen how a lot of schools prefer this entry-level two-way radio for a number of reasons. First, it’s the most budget-conscious option in the RCA line. Second, it comes with all of the features and quality that users depend on, including excellent coverage, crystal-clear audio, and a durable chassis. It’s also RCA’s smallest portable, which many school administrators find to be convenient for use and storage. Plus, it’s rated IP54, which means it’s designed to withstand limited exposure to dust, water, and other contaminants — all fairly common in most school environments.

Mid-Tier Recommendation:
The RDR2500 Series

This is RCA’s best-selling series regardless of industry, and schools are no exception. It offers radios that are bigger than the 1520s, but are still able to maintain a good quality-to-price ratio to fit the budgets for most school systems.

Units are designed to take a bit more of a beating, making them ideal radios for schools that have workers who consistently operate outdoors or on the go. Custodians immediately come to mind, as well as security and crossing guards who keep staff and students safe — both during routine days and in emergency situations.

This series is composed of two models: the RDR2500 (no screen) and RDR2550 (upgraded with a digital display). Both offer exceptional coverage both indoors and out, serving the purposes of smaller elementary and high schools up through larger college campuses.

Mobile Radio Recommendation:
The BRM300D

K-12 school systems depend on buses for reliable, safe transportation. Part of that includes maintaining communication between them and school dispatch to report any traffic delays, incidents, or driver concerns. RCA’s BRM300D is the ideal mobile radio for bus drivers, offering wide-area coverage and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use while looking after students.

Base Station Recommendation:
The RDR2750

The RDR2750 is RCA’s revolutionary upgrade in base station design. Compared to its predecessors, it’s smaller than some desk phones! It’s also incredibly powerful: operating at five (5) watts, it’ll get your customers the same coverage as a portable. This makes it perfect for any desk setup or shared office space where multiple school administrators can use it, rather than having to purchase separate radios.

This compact base station can be used for more than office work. It’s easy to mount anywhere there’s an AC outlet for power, making it applicable to any shared space — breakrooms, gyms, auditoriums, you name it.

Repeater Recommendation:
The RDR9000

You probably already know that due to their layout, many schools benefit from the use of repeaters. You may have even performed your fair share of radio frequency (RF) tests to learn where to position them for maximum coverage.

RCA’s RDR9000 is the best option when it comes to eliminating dead zones across a wide area. It also cuts back on required rack space by nearly a third when compared to other repeaters on the market!

Additional Two-Way Radio Options

Wireless PA Systems

Your school customers may find it beneficial to connect their RCA radios to wireless PA systems. These AC-powered systems offer speakers that can be set up throughout a school to receive radio communications and project them to students and staff. While RCA Communications Systems doesn’t offer these directly, we can put you in touch with a radio supplier that does. They’re also easy to synchronize with RCA models like the ones mentioned above.


Most radio accessories are designed for portables, which radio users appreciate for added safety and convenience. These include:

  • Premium-quality holsters to prevent unnecessary damage from falls, loss, or theft.

  • Earpieces for improved hearing, especially in high-traffic areas.

  • Push-to-talk speaker mics to make communication faster and more efficient.


Don’t forget that schools are eligible for federal funding that was established during COVID to improve their communications networks. Known as the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief program, ESSER is composed of three installments. The first expired last year, while ESSER II is available until September 30th of this year, and ARP ESSER until the same day in 2024.

While these funds don’t have to be used by those dates, they do need to be committed to a purchase — in other words, more radios from you!

Do You Need Radios To Sell?

Become the dealer of choice for schools in your territory by offering these communications solutions. The models and accessories we mentioned above are currently available, and many ship the same day they’re ordered.

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