4 Reasons Why You Need a New Two-Way Radio Supplier

Two-way radio supplier concept: an RCA rep smiles and folds their arms while standing in front of boxed and unboxed portable two-way radios. A tagline reads,

If you’re reading this, we imagine you’re already in the process of looking for a new two-way radio supplier, or you’re at least seriously considering it. We get it. The COVID-19 pandemic did a number on the economy, not only in terms of reduced sales and budgets, but also the subsequent chip shortage and supply chain bottlenecks that followed. What’s wild is that these aren’t the factors that we’re currently seeing affect other radio lines. In fact, if you’re having issues, it’s probably one of these four.

Reason #1: You Lost Your Volume Discount

We understand that the past couple of years have required businesses to reevaluate their budgets and prioritize their purchasing. Yet when customers started searching again for walkie-talkies and industrial two-way radios, many radio lines chose instead to discontinue a popular benefit that their dealers enjoyed: sizable discounts when buying units in bulk.

Is this the reason you’re here?

Well, we’ve got good news for you. Where your line may have said no more, RCA says yes. In fact, all units in the RCA family are eligible for volume-based discounts, as long as that discount is applied to the same kind of unit: only RDR2500s, for example, if you’re looking for new portables; or only RDR2750s, if you’re in the market for the most powerful compact base station ever created.

Are you wondering whether your supplier will eventually reinstate your volume discount? We suppose it’s possible. But the better question is, can you afford to wait that long?

Reason #2: Your Radios Are Still Stuck on Backorder

Even with the increased focus on production of semiconductors in the U.S., we’ve heard that other lines have continued to struggle with long lead times on new radio orders. While some delays are to be expected, we’re referring to dealers who are having to wait for months at a time to get the units that their customers need. And many of them are losing customers because of it.

Is that why you’re here?

Again, we’re ready to help you. RCA has been fortunate to have weathered the pandemic without substantial disruptions to its radio shipments. Even at our worst, we were still able to get our dealers stocked up with the radios that they needed in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

Why? We anticipated where the economy was headed when COVID first came on the scene, and had the foresight to implement strategies to maintain a steady stream of product — even when the semiconductor shortage hit the market. It’s also why we’re currently able to offer our dealers access to units that are in stock and often available to ship the same days that they’re ordered.

Reason #3: Radio Models Your Customers Wanted Were Discounted

Another surprising trend we’ve noticed is that some radio lines have chosen to discontinue popular models in an effort to consolidate. Motorola axing most of its Vertex series is a prime example. While the powers that be may determine that it’s better to focus on a select set of radio models, it seems unusual to get rid of those that your customers are more likely to purchase.

Have you lost models that your customers were hoping to buy?

RCA keeps its radio series that are popular. Look no further than the RDR2500s to see what we’re talking about. We’ve applauded this series before, and we’re happy to do so again. Its models continue to showcase the right balance of performance, coverage, and quality that fit customers’ budgets.

The 2500s aside, RCA has other options that easily compete with (or even outperform) any comparable models on the market today.

Don’t believe us? Tell us about the radios you already sell, and we’ll show you how RCA can match or beat them.

An RCA RDR2500 portable two-way radio is set upright in the bed of a pickup truck.

Reason #4: Your Supplier Prices Went Up — Again

We all expect that prices will go up over time, even in the best of circumstances. So it wasn’t a surprise to see this happen during COVID. Even we did the same. But the real surprise is when we see other lines raise their rates three times over a six month period, which seems more than a little excessive.

Have you been frustrated with yet another price hike?

RCA offers competitive industrial radios at better prices than any radio line. We’re one of the few instances where the most affordable option also happens to have exceptional quality.

An RCA two-way radio lineup includes six portable models, one base station, one compact base station, one repeater, one mobile, and one desktop mic.

Let Us Be One of Your Two-Way Radio Suppliers

Every radio dealer needs a second or third product line to sell. Why not give RCA a try and let us become one of your two-way radio suppliers? It’s risk free for you to join our network, and only takes a matter of minutes to go over the necessary paperwork. Then you’ll have immediate access to available inventory, including:

  • Portables like the entry-level 1520s, mid-tier 2500s, and high-tier, intrinsically safe 4280s.

  • BRM300D mobiles.

  • RDR2750 compact base stations.

  • RDR9000 repeaters.

  • Plenty of accessories and batteries!

Call us today at (855) 657-0090 to get started.