Falcon Wireless Direct Joins RCA’s Nationwide Network of Two-Way Radio Dealers

Falcon Wireless Direct joins RCA two-way radio distributor. Technical assistance, excellent customer support, and superior prices help propel long-time two-way radio dealer into targeted industries

About Falcon Wireless Direct

Falcon Wireless Direct is an independent wireless communications company dedicated to providing two-way radio solutions for businesses, institutions, and government agencies since 1982. The company serves hospitals, police departments, churches, schools, and manufacturing facilities. While Falcon Wireless Direct was originally founded by long-time Birmingham resident Burch Falkner, Candice Staggs became the owner following the passing of Mr. Falkner in 2019. After working for the company for 28 years, Staggs inherited the business and has become the new face of Falcon Direct Wireless.

Needed A New Line of High Quality, Affordable Two-Way Radio Equipment

After assuming the helm of Falcon Wireless Direct, Candice knew she needed to expand her inventory of two-way radio equipment in order to penetrate new vertical markets and increase her bottom line. Specifically, she wanted to target the Birmingham area hospitals and police and fire departments with communications equipment.

“My goal was to start going after the smaller, rural public safety agencies and medical facilities, so I needed a professional brand that was made-to-last, but less expensive than other brands to help me penetrate these markets,” said Candice.

Why Choose RCA Communications Systems?

RCA Communications Systems is continuously recognized for providing wireless dealers heavy duty professional grade communications equipment, and superb dealer support especially when it comes to technical assistance, marketing help, and continuous availability. So, when one of our area RCA Communication’s representatives contacted Falcon Wireless Direct to offer her the opportunity to sell RCA two-way radio equipment throughout the Birmingham area, Candice jumped at the opportunity, and immediately started stocking her warehouse with original RCA communications equipment, including:


I really liked the fact that I can call RCA, and they will actually talk to me. It has been so nice, and very easy. Hytera was not very helpful or user friendly at all. And that is a very big deal with me. The pricing of RCA two-way radios is really good, and the warranty is exceptional. Me and my customers just really like the product and support a lot,” said Candice.

The Results:

With very little delay, Candice was able to sell into one of her targeted markets: hospitals. Birmingham’s St. Vincent’s Health Care System in Birmingham operates multiple acute care hospitals located throughout the area. Candice was able to sell nearly 100 RCA RDR2500 and RCA RDR2600 radios to the hospital’s security department, maintenance department, and surgical floor.

“They absolutely love the radios, and I think they want to replace their Hytera repeater system soon. Also, the fire departments and police departments like the power of the RCA two-tier paging tones because they are really loud. The RCA brand is already making a big impact on my business and businesses throughout the Birmingham area,” said Candice.

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