RCA Communications Systems Doubles New Dealer Locations in Just Three Months

Family of RCA Radios

RCA Professional Grade Two-Way Radios have proven to be an attractive solution for independent dealers.

Discount Two-Way Radio and RCA Communications Systems, leading providers of RCA industrial-grade two-way radio equipment, today announced record breaking growth for their national authorized dealer network. Launched in late June 2020, the expansion campaign targeted acquiring at least 200 dealer locations within the next five years. To date, more than 100 RCA two-way radio dealer locations have signed agreements to represent RCA Communications Systems across the country, representing a 75 percent increase in growth since launching the strategy.

“We are extremely thrilled with how receptive the two-way radio dealers are to sell Tier 2 and Tier 3 radio equipment. Our onboarding process is simple and easy, and we provide our dealers with demo kits at cost. We also offer our new dealers a one-time discount on their first order. In short, our new dealers are impressed at the quality and overall value team brings to their operation,” said Ben Burns, CEO and Founder of RCA Communications Systems and Discount Two-Way Radio.

According to Burns, one of the reasons behind the rapid growth of the 2-way radio network can be attributed to the United States’ recent ban on US federal agencies buying equipment from two-way radio manufacturer Hytera. The ban officially went into effect on August 13, 2020. In addition, A federal court found that Hytera infringed on Motorola’s copyrighted trade secrets, triggering a prohibition on any company importing or selling Hytera two-way radios.

“The truth is that dealers are very uncomfortable selling Hytera right now, and since Vertex radios are being re-branded as Motorola, so we are the logical choice for dealers who need affordable, durable equipment,” said Burns.

Three New RCA 2-Way Radio Dealers Highlighted

Since announcing its expansion strategy, Discount Two-Way Radio and RCA Communications Systems has been approached by hundreds of independent dealers to represent the RCA brand of two-way radios.

“We don’t accept every dealer that inquires to sell our radios, and the dealers we have represent a specific region of the country and adds a new layer of strength to the overall network,” explained Burns.

For example:

  • Spectrum Wireless USA, a 40-Year Two-Way Radio Leader for the Great Lakes

Spectrum Wireless was founded in Canada in 1983, and current CEO, Ron Stebbeds, was instrumental in helping grow the company to 10 locations including Michigan. He eventually sold the Canadian outlets to focus on the Michigan location. Today, Spectrum Wireless is one of the most successful two-way radio dealers in the Great Lakes region and specializes in providing communications equipment to Detroit’s automotive manufacturing industry as well as Michigan’s police, fire, and Emergency Medical Services. He hopes to use RCA two-way radio equipment to expand his education marketing efforts.

  • StarComm Wireless Solutions for the South Pacific

StarComm Wireless Solutions founder Lad Panis successfully segued from a career in sports broadcasting to becoming the number one two-way radio provider throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Today, StarComm Wireless Solutions is a major provider of two-way radio equipment to area’s nearly $20 billion hospitality and tourism industries. He hopes to leverage RCA two-way radio equipment to grow his construction and education book of business.

  • BlueNose Solutions Targets the US Military

After retiring from the US Navy as a fast attack submarine radio technician in the North Pole, BlueNose Wireless Solutions founder, Robert Gregory specializes in government and military sales. He wants to use his RCA two-way radio equipment to help target the large number of Virginia-based schools and university campuses.

“As we continue to advance our national dealer network footprint, acquiring professional dealers like Spectrum Wireless, StarComm Wireless, and BlueNose Solutiions will really help reinforce our message that RCA can go head-to-head with any major two-way manufactuer in the country,” said Ben Burns, CEO and Founder of Discount Two-Way Radio and RCA Communications Systems.