Starcomm Wireless Excited to Sell RCA Two-Way Radios

Starcomm founder and CEO Lad Panis is excited to include RCA two-way radios into his company's product lineup..

Lad Panis is the Founder and CEO of Honolulu-based Starcomm Wireless, Hawaii’s leading two-way radio dealer for the entire South Pacific.

RCA Communications Systems, the exclusive distributor of RCA two-way radios, is proud to announce that Honolulu-based Starcomm Wireless is the newest authorized dealer to sell RCA professional grade two-way radio equipment. Starcomm Wireless is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary after starting the business in 1995 as one of the original two-way radio dealers of the Hawaiian Islands. Today, Starcomm Wireless Solutions is considered the “go-to” two-way radio dealer throughout the eight major Hawaiian islands and the entire South Pacific.

“Our success has been from being loyal to our customers, working hard, and never taking anything for granted. To be successful in business, whether selling vacuum cleaners or whatever is you have to have a sense of urgency, pick the right customers, and be open to learning new things every day. Now that we’re 25 years old, I think we’re probably just getting going. Our prime is now,” said Lad Panis, president and founder of Starcomm Wireless Solutions.

Starcomm Wireless to Sell RCA Two-Way Radios

According to RCA Communications Systems CEO, Ben Burns, StarComm Wireless has been a well-respected, and

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RCA Communications Systems is the exclusive distributor of RCA two-way radio equipment

successful two-way dealer for years, and will add a great layer of knowledge and experience to customers looking for two-way radio solutions on the Hawaiian Islands.

“We are incredibly proud to include StarComm Wireless into our RCA Communications Systems family. The team at StarComm are some of the most experienced and professional two-way radio experts in the industry today, and they will serve their customers well representing the value-priced RCA two-way radios provided by RCA Communications Systems,” said Ben Burns, CEO of RCA Communications Systems.

About Starcomm Wireless

Lad entered the wireless communications industry After traveling the country as a play-by-play announcer for various Hawaiian sports.

Because the Hawaiian Islands are located approximately 2,500 miles off the mainland coast, Lad saw an opportunity to service then entire pacific island chain with digital radio sales, accessories, rentals, and a full service and repair department.

“I actually thought I’d be doing sports radio marketing, but then someone introduced me to the two-way radio industry, and I realized there was a great niche market for Hawaii, so I started knocking on doors and introducing myself to various businesses,” said Lad.

Purposely avoiding the Motorola brand, Lad started calling on businesses and introducing them to the benefits of other models of two-way radios. Almost immediately, Starcomm Wireless Solutions discovered that there was a big need for two-way radios within the tourism industry.

“Without a doubt our number one industry is hospitality and tourism. Whether you are talking about hotels, restaurants, or outdoor activities, two-way radios are critical to the tourism industry throughout the Islands. We even have a lot of customers on those tiny islands of the South Pacific,” said Lad.

In addition, to the tourism industry, Starcomm Wireless also serves the education and construction industry.

Why RCA Communications Systems?

After being the “go-to” two-way radio salesman throughout the Hawaiian Islands for a quarter century, Lad had encountered RCA two-way radios throughout his career. He was impressed with the overall marketing efforts of the company, and the cost/reliability positioning RCA Communications Systems had created.

“I used to talk with RCA during an annual radio show in Las Vegas, and I really liked how RCA two-way radios organization runs, and how they were organized. I was impressed with what I saw. Then there is the other side of the equation which is the radio itself. You have to have good products to offer, and I think RCA will be a great product to have to offer our customer. We have a big customer base, and we hope to find a new base for the RCA customer,” said Lad.