California Preparedness Resource Joins RCA Communications Systems

Two-way radio expert joins RCA Communications Systems

Bob Turner is the president of California Preparedness Resource where professionals can find tools and resources to enhance school safety and security programs.

RCA Communications Systems is pleased to announce that California Preparedness Resource (CPR) has joined its nationwide network of two-way radio dealers. Bob Turner, the founder of CPR and retired Director of Risk and Emergency Management for one of California’s largest school districts, joins RCA Communications Systems as a dealer after using RCA two-way radios at his former school administrative post.

Currently, RCA Communications Systems has approximately 100 two-way radio dealers across the country and plans on adding at least 200 more dealer locations within the next five years as part of its strategic growth strategy.

Why CPR Joined the RCA Communications Systems Dealer Network

California Preparedness Resource was founded by emergency management expert Bob Turner as a resource to help schools find the tools and resources they need to enhance school safety and security programs. Prior to founding CPR, Turner spent more than two-decades teaching others how to incorporate two-way radio communications into campus settings to improve safety and reduce outside threats. One of those positions was as the Director of Risk and Emergency Management for Alvord Unified School District that had 23 campuses, 2,000 employees, and 18,000 students when Bob first took the position.

In addition to that position, Turner has also taught Homeland Security courses at Moreno Valley College and serves as an Education Sector Advisor for Infragard, a partnership between the FBI and private industry for infrastructure protection. He is a member of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, the International Association of Emergency Managers, the National Sheriff’s Association, and the Southern California Earthquake Alliance. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology with concentrations in Disaster and Emergency Management and Technical Communications, and his Master’s in Emergency and Disaster Management, with Honors, from American Military University with his thesis “Terrorism and Public K-12 Schools”.

Why Two-Way Radios Are Important for School Emergency Preparedness

As a national expert on emergency planning, Turner is a firm believer that professional-grade two-way radios are critical tools for improving safety throughout every campus of the United States. He first became familiar with RCA two-way radio equipment after he assumed role of directing all communications strategies for the Alvord Unified School District.

“Before I started working with the school district, they allowed another dealer to dictate what they needed and how to use it. As a result, they were using a mix of VHF and UHF analog radios and using a repeater at the high schools, and the frequencies were all over the place. I came in and took it over and started shopping around for another dealer that could provide a better product at a better price. I got rid of the repeater systems, started using the RCA RDR2500 UHF radios, and the difference was immediate. Plus, because the price was so good, I was able to buy more radios for the entire district,” said Turner.

Turner will continue to focus on introducing the benefits of two-way technology into the nation’s education industry.

“We are extremely pleased to add Bob to the RCA two-way radio dealership team,” said Ben Burns, Founder and CEO of RCA Communications Systems. “Nobody knows how to incorporate high-quality communications strategies into the education industry’s infrastructure better than Bob. We look forward to helping him and his California Prep Resources team uncover new opportunities and accelerate growth for our educational vertical, “said Burns.

RCA Communications Systems and Discount Two-Way Radio, leading providers of industrial-grade two-way radio equipment, continues to advance on its bold five-year growth strategy that will center around partnering with more than 200 authorized dealers across the country. RCA Communications Systems and Discount Two-Way Radio joined forces in 2009 to distribute RCA products. Since that time, the partnership has sold more than 120 million radios to just under 100,000 clients working in the industries of construction, education, warehousing, manufacturing, oil and gas, and more. Now RCA Communications Systems and Discount Two-Way Radio want to duplicate their success by creating a coast-to-coast network of independent dealers.