HL-FC Series

Product Description

Leather Holsters with Fixed Belt Clip

The RCA holsters for two-way radios are designed to provide comfort, convenience and protect your investment from accidental damage, while maintaining audio quality and ensuring clear communication transmissions. The HL-FC Series holsters are made of durable Leather material and a heavy duty Metal Fixed Belt Clip and come in different sizes, precisely designed to fit your RCA portable two-way radio.


  • HL200FC


  • HL250FC

RCA BR200D / BR300D

  • HL200FC for BR200D.
  • HL300FC for BR300D.

RCA RDR3500 / RDR3600

  • HL3500FC for RDR3500.
  • HL3600FC for RDR3600.

RCA RPX4500 / RPX4600

  • HL4500FC for RPX4500.
  • HL4600FC for RPX4600.

1 Year Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty