RDR3500 - DMR Digital Handheld

PRODIGITM, the Intelligent Choice for Digital Two-Way Communication

Exceptionally versatile and affordable, the RCA PRODIGITM Series of radios is completely compatible with any other DMR Digital radio on the market. Operational in both digital and analog modes, the PRODIGITM Series delivers crystal clear, dependable communication in your workplace.

With its flexibility, RDR3500/3600 can be used in a wide range of applications. Industries such as, manufacturing, construction, security, hotels and schools all benefit from its basic push to talk functionality and advanced emergency features.

When safety is a priority and reliability is critical, the fully programmable RCA PRODIGITM Series of radios is the intelligent choice for your expanding communication needs.

Exceptional Audio Quality, Better Coverage

The RCA PRODIGI™ digital radios are designed with X-Sound+ HD™ for exceptional voice quality. The RDR3500/RDR3600 radios completely eliminatebackground noise and static from voice transmissions, and deliver acrystal clear message which results in improved radio coverage over analog.

Analog + Digital Operation

The PRODIGI™ Radio Series can operate in both analog and digital modes and can be used with existing analog equipment. If you want to upgrade from analog but don't have the budget to change all your radios at once, the RCA RDR3500/RDR3600 radios will allow you to purchase new digital radios at your own pace.

Intelligently Designed

Every aspect of the RDR3500/RDR3600 radio has been engineered with efficiency in mind. These radios provide a compact, lightweight design, that is simple to use which makes them just as economical to operate as they are to buy. The PRODIGI™ radios have also incorporated an advanced multi-pin, screw-on accessory connector which easily secures accessories to your radio, in just seconds.

Power is Performance

The PRODIGI™ Radios are specifically designed to conserve battery power. When used in digital mode, your battery's power consumption is reduced by up to 40%. This guarantees your employees an extended operating time, ensuring that they will stay connected during longer working hours. Thus, completely eliminating the need to recharge the radio mid-shift.

Emergency and Security

In critical situations, the RDR3500/RDR3600 allows the user to initiate an emergency alarm at any time, which overrides all current activity on the channel. Additionally, if any radio in the system is lost or stolen, users can easily disable the missing radio and enable it once it's recovered.

Enhanced Privacy Control

The SelecTalk™ feature allows users to talk privately with specific groups or individuals without broadcasting over the system. For added privacy, users have the option to employ digitally based voice encryption to prevent unauthorized transmission monitoring.

Submersible and Weatherproof

Meeting IP67 certification standards, the RDR3500/RDR3600 radios are completely protected from dust and water. PRODIGI™ radios are built to withstand being fully submerged in up to 3 feet (1 meter) of water for as long as 30 minutes.

What's Included: 

  • RDR3500 5 Watt UHF 400-470 MHz, 32 Channel Two-Way Radio
  • High Capacity 1800mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • One Hour Rapid Charger w/ Power Supply
  • Standard 6" UHF Antenna
  • Heavy Duty Screw-In Belt Clip
  • User Manual
  • Free Programming
  • 4 Year Radio Warranty

MSRP: $370.00

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